Thursday, 12 March 2009

Mother - art show hang/opening

Hanging - It was a long day that Sunday. We were hanging the show for 7 hours. I owe a great debt to Tim and Becky for there help. As I said on the day, they couldn't have done it without me. I'm eternally grateful. I've also been told that nobody has ever taken that long to hang a show. I was proud of this achievement as I felt the work wasn't just thrown up quickly, but rather, everything was well considered. (And I'm lucky that the staff and management at Kilau were kind enough to accommodate me.)

These 12 film stills were the most difficult to frame and select. I wanted them to tell the story of the film in images and run in sequence. Initially there were a lot more but I managed to narrow it down to 12 eventually. The layout is also inspired by the grid layout of my storyboards. Initially I was going to have them in a straight line around the room but after tim had seen and commented on the layout of the images on my laptop this formation stuck.

My storyboards are notoriously dark and scribbly and really only decipherable by me (at the time of shooting that is, often people look at them after they've watched the film and go "oh yeah, I see it now", but certainly don't see them as a blueprint in the way I do.)

The polaroids took longest to hang. There are 39 of them arranged in an order that illustrates certain scenes essentially trying to tell the story of the film in a different medium. They are hung so as to appear floating about an inch out from the surface of the wall. As you can see above the polaroid to the top right was being stubborn as hell. I think I straightened it 4 or 5 times during the opening.

The opening went really well and I was relieved when people turned up. I had a lot of interest in the film and some good feedback on the show itself. Through speaking with the owners Eion and Craig there is a possibility for the film to be shown in Kilau as part of the show on the last day of the show. Once this is confimed I'll advertise it and shout about it more, until then watch this space.

All photo's copyright Tim Courtney - please visit his blog everything in between. He's always got interesting stuff going on through his film, music and art work.

For more on Kilau Coffee visit their site here or stop in to the shop on Little Belmont St in Aberdeen.

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