Thursday, 11 December 2008


So... halfway through shooting for 'mother', my 1970's set short film about a family torn apart by the wife/mothers suicide focusing on the relationship between the father - daughter characters in the wake of the loss. Had another 2 days shooting scheduled but it fell through due to personal circumstances of one of my actors. That's the way it goes and can't be helped. Looks like it'll be January before we resume shooting which may provide continuity problems aplenty.

I've plenty to do in the meantime though, editing the footage I have and going over music with Tim.

The photo was taken by my girlfriend Becky who came onboard as production photographer. At this point the crew had abandoned me and my desire to perfectly capture dust in the light. I shot about 15mins of footage for a 10sec shot. But I was happy.

Note the strategically placed toilet roll on the tripod pan handle. This is for my cameraman on this project, Dave Falconer, who was unfortunately allergic to all of the many animals in and around Caroline's house. This allows him to be ultra efficient. What a pro.

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